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What you see and what you don't see.


Hello everyone.

The beautiful woman at the beginning is model Kaylee Christine.

Hi. I just wanted to put it up.

I just wanted to put it up. I'm sorry.

So, this time

What you see and what you don't see.

I'm going to write a vague description about

What do you think about when you look at the image below?

Oh, Mac.

Not a Mac. McDonald's.

Most people would think, "Oh, it's not a Mac, it's McDonald's.

However, this means McDonald's is a super strategic advertising medium.

No need to explain, but it's usually just one billboard. (Atarimae.)

But how about just putting two pieces together!

That impression will change dramatically!

In particular, by placing the specific numbers, 200m and 197m, in the centre of the

Consciously or unconsciously, McDonald's is etched in your brain.

If you're a McDonald's lover, or even if you don't normally eat McDonald's.

"Oh, I'm probably gonna have a hamburger 🍔.

This is what advertising is all about, I think.

This is what advertising is really about, I think.

If we only had one billboard, we would have to be very conscious of it, or we would have to like it.

Oh. There's a McDonald's down the street. (*^-^*)'

And you may not feel it.

This is what we see.

But by putting the two cards side by side, we're consciously

"Oh. McDonald's! Back!

You can expect to see a lot of people changing their consciousness to

This is the 'invisible thing'

I think it's the difference between the two.

'What you can't see', or in other words, 'what you can't see'.

This is the moment when the 'what you see' is transformed into 'what you see'.

It's really well done, and for an ad that I admire

This kind of

It has the power to consciously attract human attention in unconsciousness.

People's ability to come up with ideas is amazing (*^-^*).

Now, here's a spoiler.

The beautiful woman at the beginning of this article is.

Why was it tacked on before I wrote a single word ❓

Yes, it was just an advertisement for an article.

I would like to thank the gentleman who was fascinated to see it.

Well, so, this time I'm going to take a look at the ad and the hidden significance behind it, which I've been wondering about for some reason.

I wanted to tell you about it, so I wrote an article about it.

So, bai-cha.



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